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International Energy Solutions Inc offers Training and Courses in the following Technology and Engineering areas:


  • Basic Geology
  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology
  • Petroleum Geology for Non-Geologists


  • Basic Petrophysical Evaluation
  • Well Logs & Interpretation
  • Petrophysical and Rock Physics Modelling of Wireline Logs
  • Petrophysics for Non – PPs

Reservoir Engineering

  • Basic Reservoir
  • Advanced Reservoir Engineering
  • Reservoir Management Perspectives
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Fluid properties and characterization
  • Reservoir Engineering Non-REs

Production Technology

  • Fundamentals of Production Technology
  • Sand Control and Sand Management¬†
  • Formation Damage & Control
  • Production Technology for Non – P. Techs

Oil & Gas Subsurface Integration

  • Introduction to E & P Business
  • Understanding E & P Business: From New Ventures to Abandonment
  • Petroleum Economics
  • Production Engineering
  • Facilities Engineering

Integrated Resource Evaluation

  • Oil and gas resource volume evaluation & Categorization
  • Oil and gas reserves evaluation & Categorization

Integrated Reservoir Modelling (IRM)

Wells, Reservoir & Field Management (WRFM)

  • Well & reservoir Surveillance
  • Well Intervention Management for Brown Field Rejuvenation

Decline Curve Analysis

Oil & Gas Production Forecasting & Methodologies

Oil & Gas Production Optimization

Facilities Engineering for Other Disciplines

Production Engineering for Other Disciplines

Oil & Gas Field Environmental Conservation

One Week MBA workshop 

Project Management Fundamentals

Global Energy

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Systems
  • Energy Transition & Alternatives